I have been channelling my dear friend Joël for a year now. One morning in London, I had a surprising channelling, which talked of teaching me in an inter-dimensional place, a city of light called Shambala:

Words will come when it is their time, now is the time for construction, for finding the path to Shambala, to the hidden kingdoms of the subconscious.
 It is time to travel to find your mission and the path to ascension.
 What is happening on Earth is what is happening outside. You must possess your inner path and trajectory, it is here and you have to use all your energy, all your wisdom, all your willpower and all of your logic. From now on, from the meeting with your self, everything else will come of itself and it will come quickly… Like the getle voyage of the emigrating wild goose...
 Stop thinking and move towards your inner self, where we will be waiting with great expectation.  
 Always with our unconditional love…
 Namasté – your guides with Joël. 

I knew of that kingdom through my late Tibetan master, Jamgon Kongtrul Rimponché, who was generous enough to give me my initiation in the Kalachackra, the gateway for me to Shambala. I couldn’t get in directly, because even in the etheric plane there is bureaucracy, and how, but finally they gave me permission and these are the teachings that they gave me.
I hope that they are of as much help to you as they have been to me.

Love and blessings...
Nyako Nakar

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